ALCHEMY (2017)

Alchemy is Sitara’s debut full-length visual album; an audio and cinematic journey imploding with sensual drama released June 7th 2017.

Sisters Erin & Tess Fowler have taken a lifetime of shared experience to create music that resonates with haunting emotion and honesty. The 8-track album features rich, soulful vocal harmonies with an evocative blend of soul, folk and pop music. Alchemy was written and recorded with leading South Australian producer Kiah Gossner at Mixmaster Studios. 

Inspired by Tantric themes, Alchemy portrays the relationship we have with ourselves. The inner dialogue that influences our experiences, polarises emotions and finds peace through allowing the expression of our darker thoughts and feelings. The new album crosses the greater human senses that influence experiences, allowing Adelaide’s renowned indie duo to express idioms of darker contemplations. 

Alchemy is an album intentionally written as a cohesive body of work for cinematic experience. Working with Adelaide’s leading independent film studio, Repeater Productions, and in collaboration with visual time-lapse expert Nick Graalman, Sitara developed a 40min cinematic experience as an extension to their studio album. The intimately choreographed time-lapse story evokes a living musical landscape.  

Sitara are driven by the power of the arts to evoke and inspire social change. 8% of all album sale profits will go to 1 million women: an Australian-led movement of women & girls acting on climate change through the way we live and our everyday choices.

SITARA EP (2013)

Sitara's debut 4 track EP was released in 2013, recorded at Chapel Lane Studios and produced by Wayne Ringrow. The first release 'In the Water was listed in the Top 50 of the prestigious 2014 Vanda and Young Songwriters Competition.

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