"The linkage between the sisters is visually, audibly and spiritually felt when experiencing the eight tracks which make up Alchemy."

 - Will Oakeshott, Glam Adelaide



AU Review Exclusive: Experience Alchemy – the visual album from Adelaide duo, Sitara

June 07, 2017

"The album weaves between darker contemplation and soulful expression, as the Fowler sisters demonstrate a matured sense of songwriting and musicality. We are able to delve further into their creative process and development with Alchemy and as the name suggests, the final result is something near-on magical.". - Sosefina Fuamoli, AU REVIEW

GLAM ADELAIDE Distant Heart Interview: Sitara Drops New Album ‘ALCHEMY’

June 04, 2017

"There is a phenomenal likening present with the art that Sitara conducts sprinkled throughout their musical recipe. A resemblance to arguably one of the greatest song-writers / musicians of the modern era, the late Jeff Buckley can be slightly perceived in the sisters’ formula and it is simply stunning." - Will Oakeshott, GLAM ADELAIDE

SCENESTR: Tess Fowler's Journey To Find Self-Love At Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival

June 05, 2017

Meet Tess Fowler, the Adelaide performer who’s so nice you get to see her twice. Tess is presenting two projects this month: the release of a visual album from the soul-folk duo Sitara she’s in with her sister Erin and a one-woman show about her global journey of self-discovery.

Sitara’s visual album, ‘Alchemy’, is an audio-visual masterpiece comprised of eight songs each accompanied by their own video. “Technically it’s eight videos put together,” Tess explains.

THE ADELAIDE REVIEW: Sitara Talks ‘Oh Mama’, Debut Single from New Visual Album

April 30, 2017

"With Erin as the director of choreography and Tess overseeing the theatrical elements and dramaturgy of the work, Alchemy is a testament to Sitara’s broad and multifaceted approach to their music. The album is inspired by Tess and Erin’s exploration of tantra throughout the past year, particularly the idea of transformation through confronting one’s darkness.

“[Alchemy] is about the polarity of dark and light emotions and being on your own. I think in society today, everyone is very resistant to going into those places of dark emotion. We’re very resistant to our pain and suffering,” Tess tells The Adelaide Review.

“I guess [the album] is a way of showing that through emotional expression and through tapping into that darkness, that’s where the alchemy takes place and you can come out the other side better for it.”

- Dasha Romanowski, The Adelaide Review

GLAM ADELAIDE; Sitara Womadelaide 2014 performance

March 06, 2014

"Local group Sitara (Australia) with sisters Erin & Tess Fowler had an exceptional and appreciative crowd clearly loving their stuff. The group’s harmonies are angelic and the band’s earthiness is a perfect fit for WOMADelaide. They impressed many locals and no doubt earned a stack of new fans. The singer’s booming voice really cut through."

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